What can AI do? 
It can help us listen to each other.

The pandemic changed the way so many of us work. Instead of us bumping into each other in break rooms, our pixels bump up against each other in Zoom rooms. Instead of us chatting over a mid-morning coffee, we chat over a Slack channel. And instead of us brainstorming together around a conference table, we brainstorm remotely from our kitchen tables.

Does all of this work? Of course it does — sort of. Because the truth is, in this new world, our technology needs to do a lot more for us. Regardless of whether we continue to work remotely, go back into the office, or (much more likely) blend our work styles in a hybrid way, we all deserve more from our communication tools than we have today.

We build AI technology that helps people connect with each other more deeply. Our goal — and we know this is ambitious — is to create tools that help spark deeper connections and yet are so easy to use they feel almost invisible.

Our remarkable team loves to work with our customers to help them succeed. Are you interested in joining us? Please do reach out, we’d love to hear how we might be able to work together.


Brent Alvord

Brent is passionate about enhancing leadership, culture, and communication to achieve remarkable outcomes for people and organizations. He observed healthy and unhealthy patterns as an investment banker for some of the most dynamic executives in the world. Brent developed a more intentional and purpose-driven approach to leadership during this time. But he also noticed constant gaps that required so much work to overcome that it impacted all aspects of work and culture. This led Brent to start his first company – a technology that interpreted project management data to keep cross-functional leaders up to speed while recognizing great individual and team contributions. Loop is built with the same ethos but focused on conversations, where active listening and transparent leadership originate, and where purpose-driven teams combine to create amazing results.

Joe Kleinschmidt

Joe is passionate about building systems that foster community, creativity, and connection. Prior to creating Loop, Joe co-founded another collaboration startup that grew to serve clients including Apple, L’Oreal, Home Depot, Salesforce, and many more. That company was named to Gartner’s Visionary Magic Quadrant before being acquired. In addition to his work in technology, Joe has also been deeply involved in supporting innovative non-profits and philanthropic organizations who develop new ways of contributing to their communities. For several years he served on the board of Full Circle Fund, a philanthropic organization that provides seed funding and strategic support to social entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders. While on the board he helped launch the Founders' Pledge, a program supported by The San Francisco Foundation and the Salesforce Foundation to empower company leaders to incorporate giving back directly into their company's DNA.

stylistic photo of Joe Kleinschmidt